IIUG Conference 2018

Looking forward to meeting in Arlington Virginia just outside of Washington DC next week!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Heading down to Miami soon!

It is the middle days of Passover week and I am trying to squeak some work out between the first Seder days and the coming Sabbath. Part of that I am making final preparations to go down to Miami to the 2014 IIUG Conference. As others have said, this is the premiere conference for users of IBM's Informix database systems. I am excited about the coming conference, not just because I get to participate in one of my favorite activities - that being talking by presenting two sessions and helping out with a third - but I am hoping to hear about new Informix features for the next release. Already this year we have gotten some neat stuff in v12.10 through the first three releases: - Support for JSON and BSON data types. - Support for developing hybrid applications that incorporate both structured and semi-structured data together. - The ability to dynamically expand the buffer pools to handle unexpected data demands. - Improved dynamic logical log management. - Automatic management of the number of CPU VPs. - Automatic expansion of the physical log to handle unexpected transaction volumes. - The ability to specify that new tables should be placed in a specific dbspace or should be automatically partitioned across a number of dbspaces instead of defaulting to the dbspace in which the database was created. - SHMADD now automatically doubles every time 16 new segments have been added to the server. - The client side environment variables INFORMIX_CONTIME and INFORMIX_CONRETRY are now also ONCONFIG parameters that set the server's default connection timeout behavior. - The CPU VP private memory cache is now dynamic using VP_MEMORY_CACHE_VP as a starting value. The optional parameter STATIC can be added to the end of the size to revert to the previous fixed size behavior. - New onstat -g bth & -g BTH reports to better monitor resource contention causing blocked sessions. - Compression for indexes. - Automated compression for new tables. I hope to see more in Miami. I hope to see you all there as well!