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Thursday, April 29, 2010

After the IIUG Conference

Just a quick word:

The International Informix Users' Group Conference for 2010 is over. The members of the IIUG Board of Directors are winding down and catching our breath. I'm posting my first ever Blog posting to this my new blog. It's weird.

Anyway I'm posting during a break in the action at the IBM Customer Advisory Council meeting here in Overland Park KS. The conference we GREAT! Attendence was up noticeably from last year with attendees from 22 or 24 countries (depending on who was counting and whether we count Kansas as a separate country). There were users here from as far away as Malaysia and Venezuala, from all four corners and borders of the US.

IBM execs and, support people, and technical folk have been incredibly receptive to and active in acquiring our needs and requirements for product features, support, marketing, etc. It has been a very gratifying experience.

Overall, the atmosphere has been very positive which is a change from last year. Altogether a good conference. If you were not here this year, plan to attend next year!