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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Stepping into a different realm for a few minutes

This morning I was introduced to a 5 minute video recorded by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, former Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom talking about the New Antisemitism. At the end Rabbi Sacks makes a warning that I think is relevant in this time of the incidents of overt racism in the United States and elsewhere. I therefore offer this link, not only because as a proud person of Jewish heritage it speaks of things that have affected my family and myself, but because I think that it speaks to all of us:


After that I sought other words of wisdom from Rabbi Sacks and found this TED Talk from 2017 where he asserts that today's focus on the self is a major problem in society and that a simple shift to a focus on "us" and "we" and the "other" may be the cure:


If you have something constructive to offer in comment, whether you agree with Rabbi Sacks or not, I welcome the dialogue. If, on the other hand, you post comments of hatred to any person or group at all I will delete your comment. So just don't bother!

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

IIUG Forums have moved to the IBM Community Site

IIUG Forums
For those who are not aware, the IIUG SIGS or Forums, including the old comp.databases.informix Usenet group, are no longer available. They were using some very old home built software running on the old IIUG server which was quite literally falling apart.
IBM has graciously created a new Community site for IIUG forums and blogs which is accessible through the IBM web pages. Back in the depths of time, shortly after the IBM acquisition, I was opposed to efforts to bring the forums in to IBM's systems. Honestly, we had no reason 18 years ago to trust IBM would continue to support the best database system on the market, ie Informix. Today, the story is different. IBM has been a true partner to the Informix community, so I have joined the rest of the IIUG Board of Directors in making this change. The new forum is linked to the IIUG Site under the Resources menu item. The link is: www.iiug.org/community
You will need an IBM ID if you do not already have one, but that is free for the asking. When you log in to the site for the first time, please go to the Informix group page and make a “Hello world” post so that the group moderator can validate that you are not a spammer or bot. That will take an hour or so after which you will be able to post instantly! You can also create your own Blog there for the community if you want.
It is very important that EVERYONE who cares about Informix database systems join the IBM Informix Community forum and ONLY post there. IBM sees that site and counts both the number of members and the number of posts there and uses that information to determine how much attention they should pay to our favorite database system!