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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Server Performance Improvement and More

Today's post is as close to a shameless plug for my consulting services, and other services provided by Advanced DataTools, as I am ever likely to get so don't feel that you have to read it if you do not want to read an advertisement.

  • Ever wonder if your server could be performing better?
  • Want to know when conditions in your database server will affect production before it happens?
  • Ever wonder if you will be able to handle the load next year as the business grows?
  • Got only one DBA (or you ARE the one DBA) and you are wondering how your company will get through vacations?  DBA illnesses?  DBA injuries?
  • Do you have new requirements in the pipeline?  Do you need to know if you can handle them with your current configuration or if you will need to upgrade equipment and software?
  • Do you need a world class database architect to help design that complex new schema in a way that will minimize the number of application gotcha's you will run into later?
  • Have very old applications and database versions and want to consider getting up-to-date?
  • Want to modernize your old 4GL applications so you don't have to spend $$$$$$ to rewrite them so they can run on the web?  On smart phones?  How about saving on your 4GL development and run-time licensing at the same time?
  • Do you have a need to implement analytical query support but don't know enough about Big Data, Data Marts, and Data Warehouses?
  • Want to perform analysis on your production database without affecting production performance?
  • Have a newbie DBA or database application developer who needs to be brought up to speed quickly?
We can help.  Check out the range of services posted on our web site www.advancedatatools.com or better yet, just give us a call (703-256-0267 or 800-807-6732, select extension 101 and leave a voice mail) or email me (art@advancedatatools.com).  We will call you back and set up a conference call to discuss your requirements.